Bumblebee Jasper and Chrysoprase Earrings



  • Oxidized copper
  • Bumblebee jasper
  • Chrysoprase

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Chrysoprase is my favorite gemstone because it’s also my favorite color. Chrysoprase is the rarest gemstone in the chalcedony family. In ancient times, it was often misidentified as emerald. Emerald derives its rich green color from chromium, where as chrysoprase contains traces of nickel. In my opinion, the color of chrysoprase is even more luminous and ethereal than emerald. A favorite of Alexander the Great while in battle, chrysoprase evokes strength and protective, as well as a calming, healing, cooling energy.

Bumblebee jade is associated with the Solar Plexus chakra and is said to activate creativity, strength, manifestion and personal power.

These earrings are set in an organic form setting made form set in oxidized copper.


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