Wax and Bone studio is based in the North Mass corridor of Indianapolis, a growing urban district for artists and makers. Wax and Bone is proud to be part of Ruckus Makerspace and its magical, diverse community of creators. As an artist, I believe the creative process should be fun and inspired. My studio is not just a functional space, it’s a home to ideas, experiences, and the collective energy of everyone who steps through the doorway. I make art for the life I live and the kind of life I believe in. The objects we decorate ourselves with, hang on our walls, place on our shelves remind us that we get to create our reality through art and aesthetics every single day. To me, this is a sacred thing. Wax and Bone is about a transcendent love of nature with its endless textures, composites and colors. It’s about an exuberant individuality that embraces the absurd. It’s about the celebration of possibilities and the refusal to conform. If I have one goal for what this studio represents, it’s a rejection of any branding that makes its creations predictable. Wax and Bone is about evolution, individualism, experimentation and most importantly–fun.


I am a self-taught artist and metalsmith.  I have always marveled at the natural world. I remember one day when I was 4 during recess at a Montessori daycare, I became enthralled with a stick insect and wouldn’t come inside. Being Montessori method, they let me stay out there thinking I’d bore quickly. But I didn’t, and I still don’t. I could quietly look at a beautiful thing for hours and never get bored, and that is why I make things. It’s also why I make things from so many different materials, both natural and synthetic. There are so many different ways beauty can be created from form, color and texture, I couldn’t possibly limit myself. I see any object I hold in my hand is a treasure, something with potential. I seek to create work that allows even the most unassuming materials to become art.



I live in Indianapolis with my fiance and cats. I recently completed my MSW and work as a therapist. I believe that creative expression is a foundation of mental health and wellness. I hope to someday combine my clinical therapy experience and passion for the arts in my own community practice. I blog at The Wild Well about wellness, creative lifestyle and mental health. When I’m not making stuff or working, I like to travel, read and collect too many shoes. My favorite color is any shade of cyan.

This year I partnered with artist, art therapist and fashion designer Katy Newton to launch Rocks Paper Stitches, a boutique showroom and live fashion experience also located at Ruckus Makerspace. We produce sustainable upcycled clothing creations and facilitate confidence-building and therapeutic engagement through fashion.

Nearly all photos of individuals modeling my jewelry on this site are wearing outfits that were styled and created by Katy.

You can follow the Rocks Paper Stitches Instagram @rockspaperstitches.

You can follow my personal Instagram @gwynelaurel.