Is copper going to give me an allergic reaction?

Copper is not an allergenic or dangerous metal for humans. After all, many medical implants are made with copper. Some individuals wear copper specifically because they find it reduces pain and joint inflammation.

I get this question often, so in my experience, I have found people sometimes confuse copper with nickel.  Nickel is a metal that is used in cheaper costume jewelry and causes allergic reactions for many people. I use only nickel-free metals. Occasionally those who wear copper jewelry notice their skin turns green. Copper will react to acidic environments, particularly sweat. Some people are naturally more acidic than others, or their acidity can depend on what they eat on a particular day, etc. These reactions might seem unattractive, but they are normal and not at all harmful. They also won’t happen to everyone. Most people, including myself, can wear copper jewelry with no issues at all.

If you are particularly sensitive, many of my earring designs can substitute surgical steel earring hooks – just contact me prior to purchase.

Can you create a custom piece?

Absolutely. I love doing custom pieces. Please contact me and we can discuss your concept and pricing.

I really like this pair of earrings, but wish it were made out of silver instead of copper. Can you do that?

Some pieces are one of a kind because of stones or materials, and other pieces can be replicated. Generally pieces that can be replicated will say “made to order” on the listing. If you would like a design in a different metal, please contact me.

What do I do if a piece breaks?

I always strive for quality and craftsmanship, but well-loved jewelry gets wear and tear. I stand behind everything I sell. Please contact me, and I’ll do what I can within reason to repair or replace the piece.

Do you repair jewelry?

I do jewelry repair, but have limitations. I don’t work on “fine jewelry” or do ring resizing. Please contact me for more specific information.

Where do you source your materials?

All over the world! I obtain materials from many places I love having a story behind something. While some designs can be replicated, I love when there’s a story behind something. The market for jewelry is simultaneously over-saturated and never-ending, but I believe what people most value in a piece is an emotional connection. Jewelry is something that tells a story, that reflects who we are and what we value.  I try to create pieces that give their wearer something to talk about. That’s what Wax and Bone is about.