The Wax and Bone Story

Wax and Bone was founded in 2017 by Indiana artist Gwyne Bahler (hi!).  I specializes in all manner of strange and wonderful creations such as hand-forged jewelry, accessories, housewares, hand-painted furniture and original fine art.

Wax and Bone plays with the combination of aesthetics, harmonizing their conflicts and challenging the expectations of media while remaining classically wearable. Compared with traditional jewelry and accessory lines, Wax and Bone is uncommonly expansive in its use of materials, color, style and texture. I experiment endlessly, fusing new techniques and genres to ensure my work never ceases to be original or unexpected. I design for the person who isn’t subtle or traditional, who appreciates beauty and who wants to express their individuality. Each piece is made to be as unique as its owner, incorporating high-quality materials I personally source both locally and around the world. 

Growing up I was fascinated by the natural world. I was a tree climber, avid rock collector, and amateur mineralogist. I was also obsessed with natural disasters like tornadoes and volcanoes. I’ve been lucky enough to go many places and enjoy some very nice scenery, but my love of nature has never been limited to mountains and oceans. I like nature when it’s at its weirdest and at its worst.  Having been raised in Indiana, I have learned to see the elegance in the simple, the stark and the subtle.  A flat, grey horizon with bare, skeletal trees, the akimbo limbs of a dead bird, the delicate, bone-like structure of a dried weed, the way crows stand out against a snowy cornfield after the harvest. These are the images that inspire my work in form and texture, that define my love of the midwest and sense of home. But as much as I’ve always appreciated nature, I’ve also always been attracted to the artificial, the gaudy and the obscene. Glitter, feathers, sequins, loud animal prints–anything that was obnoxiously sparkly or considered tacky, I wanted. How can you reconcile your taste when you want to be an unkempt forest fairy and a drag queen at the same time? I use to ask myself this question a lot, and just ended up throwing on a generic gray sweater from Banana Republic because there didn’t seem to be an answer. And so Wax and Bone was born.

About Gwyne:

Gwyne lives in Indianapolis with her partner, Aaron, and cat, Whitley. She only knows how to write bios in the 3rd person. She enjoys making things, running, drinking Prosecco in the bathtub and watching storm chaser documentaries. She is  doing her master’s degree in social work and works at an accounting firm, two things completely unrelated to art. However, she is very passionate about community development someday hopes to use her non-art skills to bridge the gap between creative idealism and fiscal application, helping to bring more arts programming and resources to communities.

In addition, Gwyne has been hired by happy clients for freelance work for more than a decade, which includes murals, graphic design, decorative painting, portraiture and custom creative projects. Have an idea? Reach out.