Wax and Bone jewelry had its first vending experience! This was kind of a “test run” with low-stakes, as Ruckus was a sponsor. We didn’t have to pay a fee and Ruckus was even kind enough to offer a set up for the makers so chairs, tents and tables were all provided. I’m still in the process of building my display inventory and acquiring the things I’ll need to vend at bigger events, so that was beyond helpful.

I’d never been to the Cottage Home Block Party before, but it turned out to be an awesome night. I was really happy and excited not just about the pieces I sold, but the reactions and feedback my work got. Some very nice customer noticed I didn’t have a mirror so people could try on pieces, went back to her house and brought me one… as well as a glass of wine! If you’re reading this, lady, you are a saint. It was also a great chance to connect with other Ruckus Makers and the neighborhood. Cottage Home neighborhood has always been one of my favorite parts of Indy, and between the music and food and the friends who showed up and the incredible fall weather, it really just reminded me why I love this city so much. It also alleviated a lot of my vender anxiety. I couldn’t have asked for a better dry-run for Wax and Bone’s journey into the art market and fair circuit. I’m looking forward to being back next year.

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