Forest Fire

Raw, organic forms influenced by the natural world, utilizing energetic crystals and gemstones, this collection is for those who wish they were woodland fairies and magical elves and such.

Dark Sparkle

A compromise for everyone whose inner self can’t decide if it wants to be a goth or a drag queen or a dominatrix.


Inspired by the hunt, incorporating elements of taxidermy, this collection is feminine, powerful, and original. It lets people know to watch out, you’d probably kill something.

Art Opening

Things you’d wear to a bourgie art opening while drinking free merlot and contemplating whether postmodernism defies a narrative of Western dominance.

Van Gypsy

For anyone who has a Pinterest board dedicated to traveling the country in a van while still looking low-key fabulous in every landmark selfie.

Midwest Dirt

For anyone who is Midwest af or those who were born some other lame place and wish they were.

Yellow enamel drop earrings


Cup and stone earrings


African glass and silver earrings


Druzy and enamel earrings


Modern dot earrings


Chrysoprase cuff


“Wax and Bone is uncommonly expansive in its use of materials, color, style and texture. I experiment endlessly, fusing new techniques and genres to ensure my work never ceases to be original or unexpected. I design for the person who isn’t subtle or traditional, who appreciates beauty and who wants to express their individuality. Each piece is made to be as unique as its owner, incorporating high-quality materials I personally source both locally and around the world.”


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